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  • Luis Barrionuevo

What fuels entrepreneurs? #nofear

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Entrepreneurs are a different kind of human being. They never give up!

Graziela Pereira, Marcelo Paes, Mateus Piveta, Ewerton Lacerda, Cleberson Vieira, Michel Traub, Luis Barrionuevo, Tiffany Dawn e Rodrigo Rezende.

The 8th Edition of Cafepreneur was amazing, connecting Porto Alegre in Brazil and Waterloo Region in Canada.

People have asked me to post full videos of Cafepreneur.

Here you are: A full video show what happened in the 8th Edition, when we talked about the challenges and what fuels entrepreneurs nowadays.

The chat was the first Cafepreneur with video connection Canada-Brazil.

Check it out!


Monigram - A truly story of entrepreneurship.

How Graham and Monica transformed their idea of providing hospitality services in a real and sustainable family business.

Tiffany Dawn Co-Founder and CEO of Atoms Integrator interviewed Graham Braun, a local entrepreneur in Cambridge with key tips about entrepreneurship. Graham is owner of Monigram Coffee Roasters, and they hosted the 8th Ed. of Cafepreneur.

Bruno Sibela and Andrew Brydson registered in video this disruptive moment of international entrepreneurial collaboration.


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