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Never before in a global scenario have we seen so many women undertaking. Female entrepreneurship has grown strongly in the last 7 years. In the US, new companies founded by women in the last year already represent more than 30% and are expected to generate 5.5 Million new jobs by 2018. This means approximately half of the jobs generated by small businesses.

Social changes in different regions of the world have strongly contributed to enabling women to take place in the global entrepreneurship marketplace. From access to knowledge to the guarantee of social equality rights, through transformations of the role of women in the family structure, the evolution of society has strengthened the feminine gender, providing more opportunities for women to achieve their personal goals through the opening of a business. This global trend is bringing gains to society and at the same time contributing to the realization of many women dreams.

Executive women are creating new leadership models and building organizations from valued insights and innovative solutions. They have a more human understanding of the world and the problems of the people around them, it is pure sensitivity and action. Historically women-led companies are more stable and more prepared to withstand the swings in the world economy. In the startups world, in the last 15 years, 15.5% of companies that received some type of funding have women as founders. Women-led businesses are also likely to have a 64% higher rating in the first stage of funding, having already received an initial investment.

Women are increasingly undertaking and already represent almost 40% of workers who consider self-employment as the main source of income. They create and develop businesses to deliver a direct value to society through their products and services, because it is in the essence of women's quality to contribute to a better environment and quality of life around them. Creative businesses and innovative ideas feed these entrepreneurial women with the energy to go forward. Women-led businesses create better environments for other women in a process of continuous enrichment.

In the business environment entrepreneurial women support each other, they are more flexible in understanding human nature, have greater sensitivity in decision making, based their business on delivering value. They are generally not concerned with being among the top 50 entrepreneurs, but rather about delivering great value that is usually associated with a cause. Reaching their goals and their dreams are above position or status.

Women in the new economy are not so concerned about perfection, because what they want is a better society, and generating results with immediate impact becomes more important. In the thinking of the modern woman, perfection is already part of the product development process, in fact the solution is born with a focus on solving a problem, not to postpone it. Entrepreneurial women think of the collective instead of the individual, they develop innovative initiatives where mistakes are allowed, supporting the cause and contributing to society come first.

This discussion moves away from the opportunist feminist movement, it is "to think that what you do now impacts not only your daughter but also your son's future wife," that is, human relations and the society as a whole are in the centre of this entrepreneurial movement.

In Canada, facing unquestionable multiculturalism, women organize in communities and are constantly seeking opportunities in intercultural education. Through knowledge and respect for diversity, they are creating social businesses to generate opportunities for women's integration into Canadian society.

Canada is recognized as one of the best-educated countries at both secondary and university levels. Canada recently presented the highest overall university education rate considering adults in the workable age group, it means that 55% went through universities. Immigration is seen as positive and cultural differences are respected from childhood. Over 33% of young adults in Canada have parents from other countries, and have a rapid adaptation to the school environment. In Canada, every child has the right to public education, whether born in Canada, a citizen immigrant or a temporary immigrant.

The high level of education in Canada is a major reason for attracting immigrants seeking quality education. Recently the globalization and the new economy has driven the entrepreneurial movement worldwide and Canada has come to be considered one of the best places to invest and to undertake.

The Canadian government has developed immigration programs for entrepreneurs as a means of encouraging the attraction of new businesses and investors. Entrepreneurship in Canada is now one of the key options for immigrants seeking a healthy ecosystem to develop their business globally. Certainly the presence of global talent in Canada, already attracted by the country's excellent education, contributes to the new business brought by immigrants to have a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. It is the initiative of entrepreneurship being driven by the high level of education in an environment where one of the main riches is the diversity of cultures.

Tiffany Rezende is Canadian and she is fascinated by connecting other cultures. She is the CEO and founder of Atoms Integrator, which develops international entrepreneurship education programs in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor. This region is recognized as a global innovation cluster and the 2nd largest centre for entrepreneurship in North America; Toronto-Waterloo has a growth rate in the number of startups higher than that found in Silicon Valley in California.

It is contagious to talk to Tiffany about this global trend of female entrepreneurship and how she perceives this movement around her. According to her, women undertake in network, the structure of their organizations are more flat to facilitate connections and socialization. "There is no female entrepreneurship without socialization, women view socialization as an opportunity to generate value for the community around them." In practice being an entrepreneur is a matter of contributing to a healthier environment for society.

In order to maintain a healthier entrepreneurial ecosystem, female entrepreneurship does not surrender to the first barrier. Concerned about work ethics, the power status is not the most important; women see much more relevance in having things done in a healthier and more sustainable environment. It is natural for them to offer and receive help either to perform simple tasks or to develop a new business strategy. Performing multiple tasks on a typical day empowers women to solve more complex problems. Working as a team, they unfold complex problems with simple solutions and use their network of relationships to complete tasks, achieve goals, and succeed.

Asked about what was the biggest challenge she faced when she decided to undertake, Tiffany highlights as a safe Canadian mentality: "Dropping a traditional job, culturally considered as a safe path for Canadians, was the toughest step". When she began to consider what she would have to do to achieve the desire to get things done, it became clear that she could not only be a spectator but a protagonist, and being an entrepreneur was the path she chose. "You have just one life to make a difference to other lives around you". Tiffany suggests that every woman who wants to contribute to a better society needs to take risks. It is essential to carry forward the entrepreneurial initiatives, put the personal strengths into practice and count on the help of a people network to cover the weaknesses. After all, the best way to go forward is to have courage and take action.

Endeavour is to have no fear to get things done!

"What if you're scared? If you are really scared it is a good signal, move forward and undertake doing your best!"

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